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The Listener Advisory Board (LAB)


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At The Dude, we believe that you are the radio station, and we are the listeners.

Our job is to make sure you drive down the road knowing The Dude is playing your favorite music, which is why we want you to join The Dude’s Listener Advisory Board (we can go ahead and call it the LAB).

No scary test tubes or frogs to dissect in our LAB.  After you sign up, we just send you an email a couple of times a month with a list of songs we want to make sure belong on your radio station.

Every time you take a survey, you are also automatically entered to win something awesome.

The best part about joining the LAB?  First, we aren’t going ask you for your address, phone number and then make you watch a commercial before you can join.  That’s just rude.  Sign up is simple – your name, email, and town you live in is all we need.

Second, when you enter one of our contests, the only other people entered are other LAB members who live here, in the Wilmington area.  You aren’t entering a contest with folks from 110 other cities like you are when you sign up for a contest with the corporate station.

So let’s go – sign up now and start programming your new radio station – we need you!